11/11/23, h. 20.30, Teatro Ariosto, Reggio Emilia


Jules Verne torna in scena l'11/11/23 al Teatro Ariosto di Reggio Emilia dopo i successi ottenuti alla Biennale di Venezia, alla IUC di Roma e all'Auditorium dell'Aquila.

An Author who has always fascinated Battistelli with his stories, that enhance the imaginative dimension of impossible journeys, is Jules Verne. Here, he is honoured by three heroes of his literature: Professor Lidenbrock (Journey to the Center of the Earth), Doctor Ferguson (Five Weeks in Pallone) and Captain Nemo (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea), symbols of the relationship between Man and the Earth, the Air, the Sea.The protagonists meet in a living room furnished with the tools necessary to carry out their adventures and each one tells his own story, trying to convince the others that he is Jules Verne's favourite!

musica e testo Giorgio Battistelli 
Ars Ludi Ensemble 
Antonio Caggiano, Rodolfo Rossi, Gian Luca Ruggeri 
scenografia, luci e macchine sceniche Angelo Linzalata 
regia del suono Pasquale Citera 
regia Giorgio Battistell